Wildfire AP is a representative and liaison for Fire Rein, FireForce, and HandyHydrant. This partnership allows us to offer wildland-urban interface firefighting solutions including structural protection sprinkler trailers, firefighting gels, water storage and transfer services and equipment, along with firefighting equipment sales.

Structural Protection Sprinkler Trailers

When a wildfire is approaching a community or infrastructure, wildfire protection sprinklers can be deployed to protect structures and areas. The structural protection units (SPUs) that we provide can be rented on a contract basis. One SPU can be used to protect up to 40 structures.

Firefighting GEls

Firefighting gels can be used to cover and protect structures in a wildland-urban interface firefighting scenario. The Eco-Gel that we supply is environmentally friendly and easy to use and clean. Eco-Gel is also suitable for other firefighting operations.

Water Storage and Transfer

In a wildfire or emergency scenario where water supplies are limited, water transfer and storage becomes a necessity that we our services can meet. Using water tender trucks and portable reservoirs, we can supply potable water and firefighting water supplies during a wildfire and other emergencies.

Firefighting Equipment Sales

Through our networks with experienced firefighting equipment designers and manufacturers, we offer connections and sales to state of the art wildfire firefighting and protection equipment, from pumping units and hose, to sprinkler trailers and Eco-Gels.

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