Research and report writing, Firesmart risk assessments, sprinkler zoning, risk mitigation recommendations, fuel management, and evacuation plans. 


Home, community, and landscape level planning and research for wildfire preparedness.


Wildfire protection sprinkler system design, sales, and installations.


Doing the work to make your homes, communities, and businesses wildfire adapted.

Emergency Structural Protection

Wildfire protection sprinkler trailers, firefighting Eco-Gel sales and services, water transfer services, and firefighting equipment sales.

Example:  The first two pages of a cottage wildfire hazard report. This report is 15 pages in length and includes wildfire sprinkler plans and FireSmart recommendations.

Example: The first two pages of a cottage wildfire hazard report. This report is 15 pages in length and includes wildfire sprinkler plans and FireSmart recommendations.

Our consulting services involve wildfire risk assessments, Firesmart and wildfire adaptation planning, sprinkler deployment plans and designs, fuel management plans, evacuation plans, and risk mitigation recommendations.

Part of this service involves on-site visits, aerial surveys, and the creation of a wildfire risk and adaptation report. 

A wildfire risk assessment is an essential tool for understanding the vulnerability of your home, cottage, or business to wildfire. Following a risk assessment, recommendations will be given that will address wildfire vulnerabilities and provide options for lowering those risks. A risk assessment involves the analysis of forest fuel types, potential wildfire behaviour, as well as the vulnerability of structures based on factors such as construction material, proximity to wildfire fuels, and landscape. Risk assessments can be done on multiple scales, from private properties to landscapes around communities. 

Wildfire adaption plans include local fire history and landscape assessments, overviews of local values and capabilities, hazard maps, fuel management plans, sprinkler zones, and evacuation routes. Wildfire adaptation plans are detailed planning documents with maps, resource lists, contacts, and recommendations. In the process of researching and developing the planning document, Wildfire AP also works to build capacity through networking, education, and collaboration with clients. 

As part of our planning services, WildFire AP works with communities to make them FireSmart recognized and wildfire adapted. 

Wildfire AP also works with communities to produce community wildfire risk assessments, community value protection plans (CVPP) and community wildfire protection plans (CWPP). 

In conjunction with Firesmart measures, sprinkler set-ups have been shown to be a consistently effective means of protecting homes, buildings, and infrastructure from wildfires. WildFire AP offers permanent installs and sprinkler kit sales as well as time time-sensitive sprinkler set ups for those whose homes and values are vulnerable to wildfire. Some insurance providers offer rebates on property that has permanent sprinklers installed. Our sprinkler systems vary according to a site's needs and conditions, call us to discuss sprinkler assessments and installs.

Some of our sprinkler system services include:

Gutter Mount Sprinkler Package

Using only a pole, these sprinklers mount easily on your eavestrough or fascia. They plug directly into a home's outdoor water supply, have a range of 10 meters, and use low-flow sprinkler heads.

When a fire is nearby, place these sprinklers on your house, turn on your outdoor tap, and let them run. The longer they run before and after a wildfire, the greater the protection they provide. 

We recommend these sprinklers for people with a municipal water supply or back-up generator for their home's power supply. 

Included in the basic package:

  • 2 gutter mount sprinklers

  • 2 fascia mount brackets

  • 2 lengths of 25-foot hose

  • Consulting service

  • Wildfire adaptation report (risk assessment, mitigation recommendations, sprinkler zoning and layout, fuel management plan, and evacuation plan)


Permanent Sprinkler Systems

For those who have large or multiple structures to protect, live in remote areas, or have limited home water supplies, we offer permanent and semi-permanent sprinkler systems. 

These installations include:

  • Gas-powered pumping units

  • Durable sprinkler heads

  • Hose, pipes, and fittings

  • Sprinkler installation

  • Consulting services

  • Wildfire adaptation report (risk assessment, mitigation recommendations, sprinkler zoning and layout, fuel management plan, and evacuation plan)


ALl Inclusive Cottage Fire Services

Working with our partners at Cottage Fire Safety Services, we offer full service solutions for fire and wildfire safety for cottages. This includes firefighting pumps and sprinkler systems along with bi-annual system testing and maintenance options.

Here at WildFire AP, we recognize that recommendations and plans will have no positive benefits if they are not put into action. We work with our clients to implement and maintain the solutions that work best for them.

Risk mitigation solutions can include: 

  • sprinkler system installation and maintenance

  • arborist services

  • forest and vegetation management

  • landscaping

  • structural modifications

  • prescribed burning

We want to achieve the best protection for your property while maintaining the other values you have for your home and surrounding landscape.

Wildfire AP is a representative and liaison for Fire Rein, FireForce, and HandyHydrant. This partnership allows us to offer wildland-urban interface firefighting solutions including structural protection sprinkler trailers, firefighting gels, water storage and transfer services and equipment, along with firefighting equipment sales.

Structural Protection Sprinkler Trailers

When a wildfire is approaching a community or infrastructure, wildfire protection sprinklers can be deployed to protect structures and areas. The structural protection units (SPUs) that we provide can be rented on a contract basis. One SPU can be used to protect up to 40 structures.

Firefighting GEls

Firefighting gels can be used to cover and protect structures in a wildland-urban interface firefighting scenario. The Eco-Gel that we supply is environmentally friendly and easy to use and clean. Eco-Gel is also suitable for other firefighting operations.

Water Storage and Transfer

In a wildfire or emergency scenario where water supplies are limited, water transfer and storage becomes a necessity that we our services can meet. Using water tender trucks and portable reservoirs, we can supply potable water and firefighting water supplies during a wildfire and other emergencies.

Firefighting Equipment Sales

Through our networks with experienced firefighting equipment designers and manufacturers, we offer connections and sales to state of the art wildfire firefighting and protection equipment, from pumping units and hose, to sprinkler trailers and Eco-Gels.

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